Edith-Cali T. Rossen, Zachary-Gary Simonian

While Edith took a tour of the now empty haunted stable, the sound of footsteps broke the silence. She turned to see Mr. Scalen standing in the doorway.
Why did he have to be so devastatingly handsome?
Life was so damned unfair!
“Aren’t you supposed to be on the hayride with the children and the other parents, Mr. Scalen?”
“My name is Zachary.”
“It is not appropriate for me to call you by your given name.”
Slowly walking toward her, he said, “Rules are made to be broken.”
She looked into his eyes.
They were as black as night.
As black as sin.
Moments passed before Edith broke eye contact. She crossed the stable, and climbed the ladder to the hayloft. She went to the opened doors, and stared out into the night that would soon be drenched with long-awaited rain.
Zachary followed her up to the hayloft, and stood behind her. He stared down at the top of her dark head for a moment before softly asking, “Don’t you agree, Edith?” He gently placed his hands on her shoulders.
Edith closed her eyes for a moment, took a deep breath, then turned toward him, and opened her eyes. She looked into his black eyes.
His black soul.
And then she kissed him.
He pulled her against him, and deepened the kiss. Her body melted into his.
When he finally broke the kiss, he smiled. The kiss had fogged her spectacles.
“Don’t stop,” Edith whispered.
Zachary removed her spectacles, and tossed them into the hay. His voice husky with passion, he said, “Nothing on this earth could make me stop kissing you. Not even God, nor Satan, could make me stop wanting you.”
“Mr. Scalen, there’s something I need to tell you.”
Zachary took her face in his hands, lifting her chin so she would look him in the eyes. “Zachary. My name is Zachary. Say it!”
“Za- Zachary, there’s something I need to tell you.”
“Now is not the time for words, Edith. We only have a few precious moments before everyone returns from the hayride.”
He left the decision to continue this dangerous liaison to her. She knew she had to be strong, and walk away. If she didn’t, he would blame her.
And he would hate her.
“M- make love to me, Za- Zachary,” she whispered.

7/18/15-BTW, it’s IRONIC that Julie Ball would review THUNDER MOUNTAIN BRIDES:  THE OUTLAW SCHOOLTEACHER – EDITH on July 18th because I chose July 18th as Edith’s birthday. 🙂

7/18/15-My AWESOME Friend, Julie Ball, just reviewed THUNDER MOUNTAIN BRIDES: THE OUTLAW SCHOOLTEACHER – EDITH. What a review!!! 🙂 Here it is:

5A Must Read
ByJulie Ballon July 18, 2015
Format: Paperback
This book is one of the best western romances I have read in a long time. It has everything you expect a western romance book to have and much more. There is excitement, action, love, betrayal, romance, and outlaws. It makes you feel like your right in the story along side the characters. What makes this even better is that it keeps you guessing on what secrets everyone is keeping and best of all it makes you wanting more. This is a western book that is unique because this is ten part series and it’s so good you can’t wait to read the next book. The author Amanda A Brooks is by far one of the best new writers I have come across in a long time. Amanda is smart, fresh, witty, and a very bright and an excellent story teller. This is a must read for all fans of western romances.

What did you like about the heroine Edith?

I liked that she was smart , head strong and hard when she had to be and didn’t let people get to her. But she was also kind, loving, sensitive and had a soft side.

What didn’t you like about the heroine Edith?

That she was afraid to trust others and her feelings when she should and the way she let the outlaws treat her.

What did you like about the hero Zachary?

He was handsome <BG> He was strong. Passionate, loving and sensitive. He loved his daughter more than life even when he found out she wasn’t his by blood.

What didn’t you like about the hero Zachary?

That he was a jerk at times. He let his wife get her way for far too long.

What was your favorite scene with the heroine Edith?

There were so many scenes but I guess my favorite was My favorite part with Edith is the Halloween party when she and and Zachary were in the hay loft. The chemistry between them was awesome I’d loved the thoughts she said in her mind about Zacharys eyes being as black as night as black as sin and how he had a black soul but most of all I loved when they made hot passionate love and that is when she realized he not only possessed her body but her heart.

What was not your favorite scene with her?

When she told Zachary that he could pay her on the way out because she really loved him but thought it better that she reject him. But I understood why she did it.

What was your favorite scene with the hero Zachary?

When he found his wife with mayor Main and not the mayors son making love and how he stood up to them.

What was not your favorite scene with him?

I can’t really think of what scene I didn’t like with Zachary. But if I could pick a part I’d say when he first met Edith as the teacher and she found out that the teacher who was there before her hurt Zachary’s daughter Jenny and he was mean to her when she was only trying to help.

Who were your two favorite characters, and why?

Zachary and Edith aka Maggie because there was so much chemistry between them, they were from different worlds and they were in love with each other and they tried to ignore it but the attraction was to strong.

Who were not your two favorite characters, and why?

This is hard because there were more than 2 that weren’t my favorite there was Sheriff Anderson, Sheriff Main, Mayor Main, Mrs. Main, Grayson Scalen, but I’d have to say Mayor Main because he was a big fat ass and thought he was God the way he treated people. Sheriff Main was the other he was a mommas boy, he was a wimp and he let his father run his life.

SO COOL!!! 🙂 My friend Byron Gore‘s band GRANICY SQUARE’s music video BOOK features my book – THUNDER MOUNTAIN BRIDES: THE OUTLAW SCHOOLTEACHER – EDITH!!! You can spot it twice – see if you can – once in the beginning, once in the middle. 🙂  Edith and Zachary are featured at the beginning of the video – right after Stephen King – and around the 1 minute, 25 second mark. THANK YOU, Byron Gore and Granicy Square!!!  🙂