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Danny-Janina Gricius, Hunter-Chris Simonian


Hunter sat up on the cot in his jail cell when he saw who his visitor was. He swallowed. “Did you come here to gloat?”
Danny smiled. “You now know why your saloon has to be shut down, Mr. Lord. Violence doesn’t solve anythin’.”
Hunter stood, and stealthily walked across the floor to the bars until he was standing right in front of Danielle.
Despite the bars that separated them, she slowly backed away from him until her back was against the door.
He smiled a wicked smile.
“Don’t talk to me about violence, my little she-devil! You have caused quite enough damage to my saloon, and to my body, with your hands and feet and pistols! When I am out of this jail cell, I plan to make you pay for what you’ve done to me!”
“You’re crazy!” Danny exclaimed.
Hunter smiled. “I’ve been called worse.”
When the little she-devil turned to pound on the door, he said, “You hide behind your pistols because you want control, Danielle.”
Danny turned back to glare at him. “You’re damn right I want control! And don’t call me Danielle!”
Ignoring her, Hunter said, “You hide behind your pistols because you’re afraid. That’s why you want control. Isn’t it, Danielle?”
“Go to hell!”
“Isn’t it, Danielle?”
“Go to hell! And don’t call me Danielle!” She returned to her pounding, exclaiming, “I will see to it that you have two weeks to pack and leave!”
“You owe me, Danielle!”
Danny closed her eyes, and ground out, “I owe you nothin’!”
“You have a choice, Danielle. If you help me get my saloon back, you are free to go anywhere you want.”
Danny stopped pounding on the door, opened her eyes, and stared down at the floor. Smiling, she said, “It’ll be a cold day in hell before I help you get your saloon back, Mr. Lord!”
“Are you sure about that? I have a feeling you won’t like the choice you just picked, my little she-devil.”
Danny was silent for a long moment before asking, “What choice is that, Mr. Lord?”
“As payment for what you’ve done, my little she-devil, you will be required to spend one night in my bed, and allow me to make love to you all night long.”
Hunter was silent for a long moment before asking, “What is your choice, Danielle?”