FINAL627Agnes-Final double300dpi

Agnes-Jeannine Simonian, Nathaniel-Chris Rossen


The door to the hotel room opened.
Nathaniel slowly sat up, and lay back against the pillows. Although it
was completely dark, he knew Agnes was staring at him. After she entered the
room, closed the door, and locked it, he asked, “Where have you been?”
“I took a walk.”
Nathaniel quickly lit the lamp on the bedside table. He stared at her
for several moments before asking, “You walked around Denver by yourself this
late at night?”
Trying to ignore the fact that her husband was naked beneath the sheet,
Agnes said, “I needed to think. Alone.”
“Are you finished thinking? Alone?”
It was several moments before she nodded. It was several more moments
before she said, “I almost bought a train ticket to California. Two things stopped
me. The first thing was the fact that I didn’t have any money.”
“And the second?”
Agnes did not miss the desire in his eyes. She swallowed. “I- I want to
be your wife.” When Nathaniel let the sheet fall to his lap, she quickly added,
“In name only.”
Nathaniel shook his head. “You will be my wife in every sense of the
That sounds rather medieval,” she said, incredulously.
“I’m an old-fashioned man, Agnes.”
“I know nothing about you.”
“That makes two of us.” He stared up at her for a moment before
continuing, “We will talk later. Right now, I want to make love to you.”
Agnes couldn’t breathe. “You are definitely no man of God,” she
“You have no idea.”
When Agnes wrinkled her brow, Nathaniel continued, “I am a man,
Agnes. Being a minister is just my occupation.” He held out his hand. “Will you
be my wife in every sense of the word?” Smiling a strained smile, he continued,
“If you don’t want to be my wife in every sense of the word, I will give you the
money to buy a one-way ticket to California.”