Marjorie-Kat Dorado, Damien-Steven Flores

Suddenly, she realized that she was not alone.
She slowly turned, and faced Chief Midnight Storm.
“What are you doing here?”
“You shouldn’t be out here alone. It’s not safe.”
“You brought me up here to protect me. What do you mean it’s not safe?”
“I don’t trust your father or Mr. Gray.”
“They would never hurt me!”
“They already have, Marjorie! And they will keep hurting you!”
“I have not given you permission to use my given name, Chief Midnight Storm!”
When Chief Midnight Storm slowly walked towards her, she realized that she could not move.
Standing on the edge of the cliff, she was trapped.
Damn Chief Midnight Storm!
“If you lay one hand on me, I will scream!” she warned.
Ignoring Marjorie’s warning, Damien took her small white hand in his large brown one, stared at the lines on her palm for a second, and then gently traced them with the pads of his fingers on his other hand.
Smiling at the sound of her staggered breathing, he seductively said, “That hand is not the color of your hand, but if I pierce it, I shall feel pain. The blood that will follow from mine will be the same color as yours. The Great Spirit made us both.”
Marjorie quickly pulled her hand away from Chief Midnight Storm’s, and exclaimed, “Don’t touch me!”
Damien looked down at the lake far below for a moment.
He then looked at Marjorie, and asked, “Do you know how to swim, Miss Main?”
“Why are you asking me such a ridiculous question?”
“Answer my question, Miss Main! Do you know how to swim?”
“Yes. Alexander, Steven, Sarah, and I used to swim all the time when we were children.”
“Good. I wouldn’t want you to drown.”
Marjorie wrinkled her brow in confusion.
Smiling a wicked smile, Damien pushed Miss Main off the cliff, and watched, with deep satisfaction, as she fell backwards, screaming, into the lake far below.


8/31/13-My awesome, beautiful framed book covers for Marjorie and Damien have finally been hung on my wall!!!


5/27/13-I just framed my beautiful posters for my 4th book Thunder Mountain Brides:  Forbidden Love – Marjorie.  WOW!!!  🙂  I can’t believe they’re framed, and ready to hang on my wall!!!  🙂